576 Report: Work on bearings and cylinders continue

By November 2, 2016Progress Report

Following our successful Open House in mid-October, NSPS was back in Centennial Park to continue several projects on No. 576. Several of the tender roller bearings were drained of the 63-year oil, inspected, and refilled with new oil. We are very pleased to say they are in great condition! Additionally, the cylinder and valve covers were removed for the first time in decades. We removed the valve heads on both sides of the locomotive for inspection of the spool valves and stuffing box. We were very pleased with their condition! All great signs for the future of No. 576!

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  • Harvey F. Pelley says:

    Where about in Nashville will the restoration work be performed? How does anyone join your organization? When do you plan on moving the locomotive? I am a member of TVRM and worked quite a bit on restoring Southern 630.

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