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Nashville and Eastern Railroad Corp

514 Knoxville Avenue, Lebanon, TN 37087

The NERR is a junction settlement carrier and connects with its Class I interchange partner, CSX, at Nashville Southern Junction with an interchange at Vine Hill. The line consists of a 110 mile main line and four branch lines, the Vine Hill branch, Old Hickory branch, the Carthage Branch, and the Crawford Branch. The NERR operates over class II and class III track and is 286K unrestricted between Nashville and Lebanon stations. The NERR hauls multiple commodities including metals, plastics, aggregates, sand, lumber, corn syrup, aluminum, pulpboard and scrap paper.

Looking for a rail-served site? Let our team help you identify and secure rail accessible parcels along our Nashville & Eastern and Nashville & Western properties. There are numerous benefits to locating your operation on our NERR or NWR railroad, including:

Strategic location within major expanding southeastern markets
Experienced in transloading and warehousing facilities
Connection to a Class I railroad partner in Nashville
Assistance with site selection and coordination with local economic development directors
Engineering and logistics services
Unit train storage available

aes-manufacture_history_logoAES MANUFACTURE

From gas welding broken bicycles at 8 yrs old to welding
at Erenest Homes Wrecker and Chattanooga Boiler &
Tank in high school, Steve completed the 1974 -1975
certified welding course at Chattanooga State Tech, and
worked through Steamfitters L. U. 43 for TVA at Sequoyah Nuclear Power and Belfonte Nuclear Power for 9 years. Three years for Bechtal at Plant Vogtle Nucleal Power, and back home with local Mechanical Contractors from pipe fab shops to paper mills, chemical companies, boiler and pressure vessel repairs.

Farmer Purcell White & Lassiter, PLLC
One Nashville Place, Suite 1820
Nashville, TN 37219
Phone:  615-810-8777
Fax:  615-810-8770

Bringing together in excess of 175 collective years of legal experience, the law firm of Farmer Purcell White & Lassiter, PLLC is dedicated to providing excellent representation to both individuals and businesses in a wide variety of matters. The firm’s attorneys are well-known and highly respected among their peers and clients for their experience, integrity and professionalism.

Kano Laboratories
1000 East Thompson Lane
P.O. Box 110098
Nashville, Tennessee 37222

Loosens Frozen Metal Parts! … Nothing Works Like Kroil
Kroil – An industry proven penetrating oil that has no equal. Used by 480 of the Fortune 500 companies!

Based on scientific discoveries at Kano Laboratories, Kroil creeps into millionth inch spaces, breaks bonds due to rust, corrosion, contamination, or compression and lubricates to loosen frozen metal parts. Kroil will be a valuable product in the disassembly phase of the 576 restoration project.

4011 Armory Oaks Drive
Nashville, TN 37204


Southeast Venture has its pulse on what is being built in the Nashville area. They have gotten through significant variances to build buildings and complexes which have now become a part of the fabric of Nashville. They will be key in developing a first class visitor and engine facility for locomotive 576.

Main Office:  72 E Hill Dr., Mount Juliet, TN 37122
Field Office:  5123 Navy Rd., Millington, TN 38053
(615) 754-4147 ■ (877) 754-4147
Mon-Fri ■ 7:30 am – 4:00

world-testing-incWorld Testing, Inc.

For all your project testing needs.

Expect. Inspect.

You have heard the expression, “You get what you pay for.”  At World Testing, we believe that holds just as true for your building or fabrication project, and we want to help you ensure that you get what you pay for. That’s why we’ve added the “Expect. Inspect.” tagline to our logo.

For your peace of mind, call us to handle your next project.  Whether it’s in the field or in the lab, our highly trained and certified technicians and inspectors can help you get what you pay for.  After all…

“You may not get what YOU Expect, unless WE  Inspect.”

Providing expert testing for project 576.


HMS Capital Management LLC
5130 Ashland City Hwy • Nashville, Tennessee 37218
Phone: 615.829.7200 • Fax: 615.829.7201 •

Our Guiding Principles

To provide you with professional, timely unbiased advice, free of any hidden agendas or motivations.
To communicate with you in as much detail, and as often as you wish.
To never take your business for granted — that’s why we ask you to re-hire us each year.
To maximize asset growth at a level of risk with which you are comfortable
To anticipate and prepare you to act on whatever challenges or opportunities lie ahead