Case Peach Seed Antique Bone Pocket Hunter # 55221 Knife


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Pocket Hunter # 55221 Case limited production run and stopped production on this family. It’s now discontinued. This pattern came back from being in the vault for 5 years. The factory made it for one year in 2020. Now its back in the Case vault for another 5 years.

Described in the Case Holiday Supplement Catalog 2020 as Pocket Worn Antique Bone. These Peach Seed Jigged Antique Bone handles are given a special Pocket Worn hand finish to give them that comfortable, slightly smoother feel of a Case knife that has been carried for years in a pocket. Paired with the propeller shield, these knives blend a timeless, familiar appearance with an unyielding work ethic.
Mirror-polished Tru-Sharp Surgical Steel. (stainless steel)

Clip and Skinner Blades
2 ¾ in (7.0 cm) closed, 1.7 oz (48.2 g)

New in box. Comes with a Case Collector’s Pocket Guide, wallet-sized, double sided and laminated.

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  • Our Case Knife Stand makes a great addition to properly display your knife! Sold Separately.


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It has been said that railroaders often took pride in having the most accurate pocket watch or the sharpest pocket knife.