There is nothing as invigorating as the mighty Iron Horse.

THE STEAM LOCOMOTIVE has inspired millions of people throughout history –
and Nashville, Chattanooga & St. Louis Railway No. 576 is about to inspire thousands more.
NASHVILLE STEAM is undertaking the restoration and operation of a Nashville legend.
The adventure departs now. Will you climb aboard The Stripe?

No. 576 to Depart Park Tomorrow Between 8am and 9am

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    The time of departure has been modified to allow more daylight for the move out of Centennial Park. Crews will arrive at 7am on Sunday, January 13th and…

Relocation of No. 576 Begins, Trains Magazine to Livestream Sunday’s Move

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Moving crews from Mammoet arrived on Monday to begin setting up equipment and installing temporary track in front of No. 576. The locomotive will be pulled from the shed and…

Locomotive Move Safety Rules and Route Map

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Nashville Steam No. 576 Relocation Rules For Public Viewing Just like you, we are thrilled that No. 576 is leaving her longtime home of Centennial Park for restoration! This is…

No. 576 to Leave Centennial Park on January 13th!

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The Nashville Steam Preservation Society Announces the Relocation Of Historic Steam Locomotive No. 576 Out of Centennial Park For Restoration Will Happen On Sunday, January 13, 2019. 576 has been…