There is nothing as invigorating as the mighty Iron Horse.

THE STEAM LOCOMOTIVE has inspired millions of people throughout history –
and Nashville, Chattanooga & St. Louis Railway No. 576 is about to inspire thousands more.
NASHVILLE STEAM is undertaking the restoration and operation of a Nashville legend.
The adventure departs now. Will you climb aboard The Stripe?

Dutchman’s Curve-100 Years Later

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Railroad history is not limited to Pullman, streamliners, and four-course meals in the dining car. Believe me I wish it was. But to truly understand and contextualize the place of…

Donations Surpass $375,000, Final Push of Phase 2 Underway

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Final push underway to raise funds for the relocation of  Nashville, Chattanooga & St. Louis Railway Steam Locomotive No. 576   The Nashville Steam Preservation Society’s goal is $500,000. To…

New Technology Aids Boiler Inspection

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This past Friday, representatives from EON Products, Inc. and World Testing, Inc. were on site at Centennial Park to perform more inspections on the condition of the boiler. Specialists used…

NSPS Hosts Successful Open House

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On Friday October 13th, The Nashville Steam Preservation Society hosted an Open House in honor of Nashville, Chattanooga, & St. Louis Railway steam locomotive No. 576’s 75th birthday. No. 576…