There is nothing as invigorating as the mighty Iron Horse.

THE STEAM LOCOMOTIVE has inspired millions of people throughout history –
and Nashville, Chattanooga & St. Louis Railway No. 576 is about to inspire thousands more.
NASHVILLE STEAM is undertaking the restoration and operation of a Nashville legend.
The adventure departs now. Will you climb aboard The Stripe?

576 Report: Work on bearings and cylinders continue

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Following our successful Open House in mid-October, NSPS was back in Centennial Park to continue several projects on No. 576. Several of the tender roller bearings were drained of the…

Help Revive a Nashville Legend!

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Check out our brand new video promoting our restoration of No. 576!


Open House Welcomes Hundreds as Nashville Steam Reaches Fundraising Milestone

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NASHVILLE, TENN. The not-for-profit Nashville Steam Preservation Society (NSPS) welcomed over 500 people to Centennial Park for its first ever Open House and is fast approaching an important fundraising milestone…


Open House video recap

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Enjoy this brief look at our Open House celebration last Friday and stay tuned for an update later this week!