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The mission of the NASHVILLE STEAM PRESERVATION SOCIETY is to preserve our history by restoring and operating relevant historic railroad equipment for the purposes of education, tourism, and goodwill to and for METRO NASHVILLE.

We’re partnering with educators that would benefit from hands-on experience or that are looking to learn more about our region’s history and railroad technology. We can host field trips or visit your classroom. Read on to see what we have to offer our classroom or curriculum!


For more information on custom programs or in-person or remote presentations for your school, group, or institution, click here to contact Education Coordinator Julie Bayhi.


This educational video is designed to explain how a steam engine works. For teachers, this video demonstrates real life application of science, mechanical engineering, and physics principles.


This video gives you the history of the 576.

Below are examples of how this video can be used in the classroom.

  • As a history lesson of how our country expanded from east coast to west.
  • The role of steam engines in World War II
  • The physics and mechanics behind moving the 576
  • The significance of volunteers


We are excited to have the opportunity to work with schools. We are seeking school technology based programs that would benefit from hands on experience. We have a presentation for classrooms, and we are developing more. We can present to your class in person. Using 576 as the backdrop, we have opportunities to demonstrate applications in Math, Science, History, and Art. We have Zoom capability for remote presentation. Contact us about creating a program for your school, group, or institution.


For more information contact Education Coordinator Julie Bayhi at

When Steam Engines Fly!

This presentation is designed to be used in a Physics or a General Science classroom.

This is a time lapse video of the lift and wheel removal of the 576.

This video is an explanation of cranes and pulleys, and how they work in general. Without this technology, that is hundreds of years old, we could not have lifted the boiler.

Once the drive wheels were removed, they were sent to Chattanooga for inspection.

Coming soon – the wheel replacement!

How a Dynamo Works? 

And Its Purpose.


This presentation is designed to be used in a Physics or a General Science classroom.



The Road to Revival series demonstrates just what it takes to restore a steam locomotive. Each episode gives real world examples of various subjects.

Episode 1: Tubes and Flues
Mechanical Engineering


Episode 3: Stoker Trough and Pilot Removal
Mechanical Engineering

Episode 5: Media Blasting the Boiler Mechanical Engineering


Episode 8: Firebox Sheet Removal

Mechanical Engineering


Episode 10: After the Storm & Into the Fire

 Mechanical Engineering

Episode 9: Cab Fabrication

Mechanical Engineering (Design Technology)

Episode 4: World Testing, Inc.

Category: Science (Physics)


Episode 6: Evaluating the Boiler

Science (Chemistry, Math, Metallurgy)

Episode 7:  Dynamo Restoration

Science (Electrical generation)