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Overview and Purpose

NSPS will protect personal information and the security of all donors, sponsors, associates, employees, and applicants; and will not disseminate the parties or individuals’ personal information without prior written consent. Personal information will be maintained by the Treasurer and the Manager of Donor and Affiliate Relations.

The following guidelines shall be adhered to:

  • Only the minimum necessary personal data should be sought by NSPS.
  • Personal Information collected from donors will include: name, amount of donation, date of donation, street address, email address. Personal information of donors shall be processed and securely maintained by the Affiliate Database Administrator. Internally, the NSPS Treasurer will require information such as amount of donation, check number, email address and/or street address. This data will be used to generate an acknowledgement of your donation and thank you letter. It will also be used to distribute mailed or emailed media to the donor from the Affiliate Database Administrator, Webpage, Administrator, and the News Letter Editor.
  • Personal Information collected from volunteers, employees, and contractors shall be collected and maintained by the Community Engagement Coordinator. This information will include: Name, street address, email address, phone number, date in good standing (referring to affiliates that volunteer), date of birth, any additional information required to complete a criminal background check, and/or any additional information that maybe required by state and federal law for employment. This information will be used to obtain a initial criminal background check, contacting and scheduling workers, and to verify an applicant’s age.
  • Personal Information of all directors and management shall be maintained by the Secretary and Treasurer. This information will be required for Annual Reports and/or other Secretary of State forms, IRS form 990, and Department of Revenue forms.
  • Please direct any specific questions to the appropriate maintainer of this information as described above.
  • If NSPS has information about people and wishes to use it for a new purpose, NSPS is obliged to give an option to individuals to indicate whether or not they wish their information to be used for the new purpose.
  • The retention of personal information will be for (7) years following the parties or individuals last contribution as a donor, associate, or employee.
  • All marketing preferences should be accurately recorded and respected.
  • Data Protection Statement for its website.