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Help us restore Nashville’s No. 576!



There is nothing as invigorating as the mighty Iron Horse.

THE STEAM LOCOMOTIVE has inspired millions of people throughout history –
and Nashville, Chattanooga & St. Louis Railway No. 576 is about to inspire thousands more.
NASHVILLE STEAM is undertaking the restoration and operation of a Nashville legend.
The adventure departs now. Will you climb aboard The Stripe?
FundraisingPress CoverageVideo
December 29, 2021

Behind-the-scenes with Nashville Steam

Trains Magazine goes behind the scenes with Nashville Steam and its President Shane Meador and Communications Manager Joey Bryan for an update on the restoration on 576, background on how…
FundraisingPress Release
November 15, 2021

Nashville Steam Issues End of Year Matching Grant Challenge

NASHVILLE, Tennessee – As the restoration of Nashville’s iconic steam locomotive nears its halfway point, Nashville Steam Preservation Society has issued a matching grant challenge to raise $100,000 by the…
EventPress Release
November 4, 2021

NSPS Fall Open House Set For November 13th

Join Us On November 13th for the Nashville Steam Fall Open House! Last Opportunity for the Public to See Steam Locomotive No. 576 This Year The Nashville Steam Preservation Society…
October 20, 2021

Hands-On Steam Experience | Road to Revival Series

Last month, we caught a remarkable glimpse of what awaits us in the Middle Tennessee region when we have an operating, mainline steam locomotive of our very own. Several of…
Progress ReportVideo
June 17, 2021

NSPS Completes Engine Lift and Wheel Removal

Nashville Steam Successfully Lifts No. 576, Removes Wheels for Refurbishment Thanks to help from project sponsor Clark Crane, FMW Solutions, and Nashville Steam volunteers, No. 576 is one major step…
Press ReleaseProgress Report
June 10, 2021

No. 576 to Hit Major Milestone With Engine Lift

LEGENDARY STEAM LOCOMOTIVE’S RESTORATION HITS SIGNIFICANT MILESTONE WITH LIFT Two Cranes to Lift 220,000-Pound Historic Train, Remove Wheels for Refurbishment on June 17th The World War II-era steam locomotive currently…



2 days ago

Nashville Steam
576’s new dancing shoes are coming along quite nicely down in Chattanooga thanks to the hard work of FMW Solutions and the good folks at the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum. They should be back in place later this year! #SteamTheStripe ... See MoreSee Less
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1 week ago

Nashville Steam
Let there be light! We had some fun with 576's fully repaired dynamo generator during Saturday's open house by letting it do what it does best, make electricity! Like the other locomotive applicances, the dynamo is steam-powered but for this demonstration we revved it up using shop air. Note the 576 whistle simulator making a cameo performance in the background. Just a sneak peak of the many sounds No. 576 will make in a few years! #TechTuesday ... See MoreSee Less
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2 weeks ago

Nashville Steam
We’re here at the Spring Open House! In the shop we have many of 576’s fully repaired appliances on display. Come on out for a behind-the-scenes look at our progress! #SteamTheStripe ... See MoreSee Less
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