Case Bone Trapper #01445 Commemorative Centennial Park w. Coin!


This CASE Natural Bone Smooth Trapper (01446) with stainless steel blades (8254 SS) is laser engraved with the 576 in black on the handle, and has 1 of 100 with the NC&StL Bowtie logo on the main blade, with Centennial Park 1953 on the Spey blade! Buy this knife and receive a Commemorative Coin, double sided – a $25.76 value – Commemorates the 9/20/1953 formal donation of 576 to Centennial Park, thus saving it from the scrapper’s torch. The Parthenon and roll into the park on one side, and the 1953 date on the other – of course we included a cutting torch! This beautiful, enameled metal 2″ double sided 576 Challenge Coin weighs in at 1.5 ounces ABSOLUTELY FREE! The coin is marked 1 of 150, also a limited series!

  • If showing on backorder, more are on the way! OUR NEXT SHIPMENT ARRIVES IN JANUARY 2024.

A few words about the Centennial Park dedication in 1953 –

Whether by choice or by fate, No. 576 was selected to represent the thousands of steam locomotives that had powered the NC&StL Railway since its inception in 1845. Centennial Park was the logical choice for display due its location next to the company’s New Shops complex off of Charlotte Pike, allowing for panel tracks to be laid down for easy installation. The City of Nashville allotted $2,500 to construct a display site and the railroad contributed $6,000 to cover the moving costs. A diesel switcher pushed No. 576 into place in the summer of 1953, and the locomotive was formally dedicated on September 20, 1953. Because of the foresight and hard work of these individuals, No. 576 was saved from the torch’s flame and set the wheels in motion for the current restoration.

  • ONLY 100 WILL BE MADE in this limited run. 1 of 100 is STAMPED ON EACH KNIFE BLADE!
  •  Commemorates a great moment in history!
  • Boxed and wrapped in Case paper, with lifetime warranty paperwork.

From our friends at Case:

“The partnership of Case and NSPS is a natural. Both brands have a storied American history and have been played an instrumental part of some of our nations most defining moments. Case Collectors love the ‘walk & talk’ of a Case Knife, much like the passionate Steam enthusiasts love the ‘huff and puff’ of the steam locomotive on the rails.

Your purchase of this special knife will help support the efforts to restore the 576 to its former glory. The Nashville Steam Preservation Society and W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery Company appreciate your support of American Made products and the preservation of this iconic piece of American history.”


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  • It has been said that railroaders often took pride in having the most accurate pocket watch or the sharpest pocket knife.