Next Stop on Grandpa’s Road by Terry L. Coats – Hardback edition


Next Stop on Grandpa’s Road-History and Architecture of NC&StL Terminals and Depot

  • Over 300 pages; 600+ photographs, illustrations and drawings
  • Detailed history of the NC&St.L through¬†founding in 1845, the major expansion years following the Civil War, the hostile take over by the L&N, and the progression up to the merger in 1957.
  • Of interest to railroaders seeking information of railroad stations as well as historians looking for photos of local architecture in Tennessee, Kentucky, Georgia, and Alabama.
  • Detailed analysis of the architecture styles of the stations and terminals of the NC&St.L
  • Information on signaling, telegraphy, and the roles of the employees aboard the trains and at the stations
  • Chapters on each of the five Divisions of the NC&St.L.
  • Appendices documenting acquisitions, time lines, and a listing of all station locations with mile markers.
  • Hardbound Book, signed by the author


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