Staybolts and Rivets (removed from the 576)


FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER, you can own a real piece of the 576! Used as fasteners in the firebox area, these heavy, solid steel stay bolts and rivets have been carefully removed by our volunteers, and are available in both large and small sizes. Large stay bolts weigh 1lb. 80z., while long mud ring rivets weigh 1lb. 5oz.! Each comes with a commemorative presentation card!

Flexible stay bolts and mud ring rivets are available as large or small size. Rigid stay bolts are fully threaded and only available as large size. Stamped and painted 576 by our hard working volunteers! Where applicable, sharp edges have been removed by wire brush or grinder. Much original finish, including rust, boiler scale and wear, are included! Please note that each is different, depending on age and condition.


Presentation card stay bolt text example:

This stamped “576” stay bolt was used as a fastener in the firebox of the NC&StL steam locomotive 576. Removed by NSPS volunteers in 2020 during restoration efforts.

Presented by the Nashville Steam Preservation Society, Inc. 2020




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