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Park Board Meeting Update

By June 4, 2016July 17th, 2016Press Release

It has been an exciting few weeks for all of us at the Nashville Steam Preservation Society. On May 3, NSPS Vice President Terry Bebout made a presentation to the Metro Nashville Parks Board regarding the organization’s proposal to lease former Nashville, Chattanooga & St. Louis Railway steam locomotive No. 576 and restore it to operation. The locomotive, which was donated to the City of Nashville by the NC&StL, has been on display in Centennial Park since September 1953.

Mr. Bebout’s presentation outlined highlights of the NSPS Team’s plan and outlined the benefits that a “living,” operational steam locomotive could have to Nashville, not only from a tourism standpoint, but also from a historical preservation and railroad heritage perspective. Following the presentation, one Parks Board member reinforced the importance of preserving the locomotive in the face of increasing deterioration brought on by 60 years of exposure to the elements. The reception from the Park Board as a whole was very encouraging.

The Board deferred the request to the Acquisition and Disposition Committee of the Board as per Park Policy 3000.25. This additional time allows the subcommittee the opportunity to review the plan in detail and make a recommendation to the Board at the next meeting.

Our next meeting with the Metro Park Board is set for Tuesday, June 7 at 11:30 CST. NSPS’s request will be presented to the Acquisition and Disposition Committee at 11:30AM (CST) preceding the June 7th Board meeting scheduled for 12:00 noon. This Committee will make recommendations to the full Park Board at that time. This meeting will be held at:

2565 Park Plaza
Nashville, TN

The NSPS leadership believes that our initial meeting with the Parks Board was well received, and we are confident that the Board will give meaningful consideration to our plan to revive No. 576.

Once we get the “greenlight” from the Metro Parks Board, we will then prepare to make our presentation to the Metro Council for final approval.

Thank you for your support and I look forward to presenting you with good news soon.

Shane Meador
President, NSPS