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This past January, World Testing Inc. was on site at Centennial Park to perform an ultrasonic (UT) scan of the firebox sheets to determine metal thickness. Nashville Steam volunteers had previously painted a grid on the sheets to aid in the process and help identify potential problem areas that would need to be addressed during the restoration phase. World Testing worked inside the firebox for two days to do a complete scan. Early results were good but World Testing needed to create a full report of their findings.


Well, the report is in and the results are great! Nearly all of the numbers were close to or exceeded new sheet thickness! There are a couple of areas that will need some attention and we must wait to do the full calculations by the FRA Form-4 to determine an absolute minimum. However, the report indicates that there should be minimal work needed in the firebox once the restoration begins. A huge thank you to our sponsor, World Testing Inc., for all of their hard work!!


The grid will help determine problem areas that will need to repaired during restoration.

World Testing, Inc. performing the UT scan of the firebox sheets. Great job guys!