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March Storm Damages Nashville Steam Shop

By March 26, 2021March 28th, 2021Fundraising

March 28, 2021 Update – During Thursday’s afternoon storms, a large section of roof from a neighboring building crashed through the upper wall of the Nashville Steam shop facility. There were three people working at the time of the storm and thankfully no one was injured. Surplus rail equipment parked on the southern side of the shop facility protected the lower wall and prevented further damage to the shop and our equipment and tools. No. 576, though dirtier, is undamaged from the storm and debris. The additional severe weather over the weekend has delayed cleanup of the shop but those efforts will resume next week. As of today nearly $12,000 has been donated towards the repairs of the facility and equipment.

The Tennessee Central Railway Museum suffered significant roof damage to their historic main building. The roof on the rear section, which serves as meeting space and a waiting area for their excursion passengers, was dislodged and will more than likely require several months of repair work. The building dates to 1920 and originally served as the master mechanic’s office for the Tennessee Central Railroad. It is only one of a few original structures left from the Tennessee Central. Nashville Steam is committed to helping our friends and restoration partners rebuild during this difficult time.

In order to rapidly recover from this loss, we’re asking for donations to repair the building and replace damaged equipment while we work with our insurance provider and assess further damage. You can use the form below to quickly donate online to assist in this recovery.

You can also click here to donate to the Tennessee Central Railway Museum as they assess damage to their shop and historic structure.

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  • Cynthia Custer says:

    I drove by last night and saw the walls roadside, with the bricks. I saw the bricks on the road and it appeared like the roof had risen. I did not realize at the time of the extensive damage to the facility. I am glad News Channel 2 in Nashville covered this important story. This group does a great job of doing the train rides during Forth of July and the Titans games. All volunteers. I will be donating when I get paid next week.

  • Scott Selliers says:

    I am so sorry the project took such a hit yesterday! But I am so grateful you fine folks were able to respond so quickly by setting up this web page and special donation fund. I pitched in a few bucks and shared this page out on social media. A few members of your group set up an info tent at our county fair over at Fiddlers Grove during our last fair in 2019 – we appreciate everything you are doing to help get Middle Tennessee’s rail history out front in the public’s awareness! From all of the volunteers here at Fiddlers Grove and across Wilson County, we are so excited that one day soon you’ll have such a treasured piece of history rolling through our communities again! Thank you for all that you do everyday, but especially for how hard you are working right now to keep some bad weather from slowing down such important work! We were able to get Fiddlers Grove through the damage last year’s tornado caused, so we know you will get through this soon!

  • Bob Groh says:

    Sorry to hear about the damage. It was rough all over the area! Just made a small donation to give everyone a hand in getting the damage taken care of.