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Hands-On Steam Experience | Road to Revival Series

By October 20, 2021Video

Last month, we caught a remarkable glimpse of what awaits us in the Middle Tennessee region when we have an operating, mainline steam locomotive of our very own. Several of our crew were invited to climb aboard Nickel Plate Road steam locomotive No. 765 during its annual operations at the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad in Cleveland, Ohio.

In operation since 1979, the 765 is one of the industry’s premier attractions and we spent several days getting to know the basics of maintaining and operating a steam locomotive. Special thanks to our friends at the Fort Wayne Railroad Historical Society for making this happen!

Enjoy this episode of Road to Revival and just think how our very own 576 will bring the same exciting sights and sounds to Nashville! Your contribution will help make this possible! Click here to make a donation online.